Day-Time to Sparkle

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We used to believe that anything sparkling was reserved for night-time only and really when you did think of a sequin dress or skirt you may have thought New Years Eve.. I know I did..Well its the end of another so-called fashion faux paus..( I can’t think of any left can you??)  Not only are sparkly dresses, skirts, shorts, shoes, tops, sweaters popping up on any of the other 364 days of the year, but they also have been seen out during the day! This is actually quite exciting, I mean what girl doesn’t love to sparkle? Something we never really grow out of as adults, and there is no reason not to!   I love when something glittery that’s very girly  is paired with something completely opposite, like a pair of leather shorts or pants, even a basic t-shirt is the perfect mate under your sequined blazer.  If you are a bit skeptic on whether you feel comfy to go all sparkle start with an accessory, like a pair of sparkly heels, even sandals.  I just saw a DIY where someone took basic white Nikes and used glue and  just  craft store-bought  glitter then somehow painted or dipped only  the Nike Swoosh and left the rest of the shoe plain white, it looked awesome! Balance is a key thought to be sure not to over do it, so with a glittery top, pair it with something not glittery like jeans on the bottom, and vice versa for the glittery bottom.This is another one of my favorite trends of the summer! Every girl wants to feel like a princess some of the time..

xoxo Chantel Gia

all images can be found on my Pinterest board “Summer Trends 2013″

Light As Air…


With the temperatures rising outdoors it’s time to lighten up..literally…So pack up all the leather boots, the wool and cashmere sweaters, it’s time to think more linen and cotton and of course sandals! … I love summer clothing for all the lighter and well brighter colors, the flowy silhouettes and super soft textures.  They are not only so much easier to wear but they also just feel great against sun kissed skin!  I have lived a major portion of my life in sunny California and even sunnier Florida, I practically was born in a bathing suit and flip-flops.  I love to get a bright mani/ pedi and show it off while wearing a new pair of open toe shoes.   Right now I’m obsessing over anything dainty (no platform!) but with an ankle strap . They are so versatile; they look as good with a dress as they do with cut off denim shorts… So whether you are traveling the globe, spending the day at an outdoor music/ art festival or just running some errands around town, look fabulous in one of the summers hottest looks…  The current trend that I just can’t get enough of is the sort of glam girl meets bohemian chick  that looks effortlessly chic and almost romantic even … The most important part to remember is to have fun and remember when you feel good you look good, nothing is more attractive than a genuine SMILE!

xo CG

Opposites Attract



Soooo in case you haven’t guessed it already, the over all theme is to “Mix it Up'” by contrasting styles in newly adjusted ways that create a unique  look that’s a bit unexpected.  Latest trends like the ones above lend a a bit of expression that really set trends like these apart from the short live  “fads.”  There is alluring ‘tomboy meets glam’ type quality thats unmistakable, an air of confidence maybe even a sexiness( most likely attributed to the fact that the woman behind the clothing has an ” I can wear whatever I want with my maybe shredded jeans and still look Haute” attitude.  What attracts me the most about this look is how the juxtaposition really expresses the denims casual, laid-back vibe as well as the elegant, chichi -style of the rest of the ensemble in a way that proves they are NOT mutually exclusive.  This is definitely a exciting trend to try this summer, don’t be shy,  it’s quite simple, just remember opposites certainly attract.  have fun with your clothes, play around and see not only what aesthetically  looks good to you, but also feels good…ultimately giving you  a boost of confidence.




xo Chantel Gia

Pastels, All Grown Up….


So this weekend I was doing a couple of my favorite things to do on a rainy afternoon, that is flip through Pinterest online for a few minutes, ok  a couple hours (hey it’s my  current obsession) and I  also started to tackle one of the many stacks of magazines I have throughout my home. While traveling, (which I have been doing a lot of recently)   I stock up on my reading materials, by buying every magazine I haven’t read or ones  that have a cover that remotely interests me, but then I always get on the plane and pass out so I  really don’t read them until I’m home ..weird I know..Ok so  back on the topic, I have been noticing a MAJOR  trend lately! This is one I am super excited about too, and that is decorating your home with soft pinks, baby blues, lavenders, light grays, mint greens ..otherwise known as PASTEL colors.  What really has caught my eye and seems to be the sort of new way to ‘Color Out Of The Lines’ with the whole Pastel trend ( and not to mention a surefire way to avoid looking too girly or too young) is by adding a pop or in some cases a few pops of color in a much brighter hue and or even neon color, such as hot pink or fluorescent yellow.  Well that is much more like it!   I love this look so much!  I have always decorated my home in as  much color as possible, whether pastels or neons,  I am excited about having them  both now under one roof. It’s like a marriage of hues!  This is certainly a trend that can be customized to fit many home decor styles.  It doesn’t have to be a complete makeover either,  you can always ,always just like with any trend, start small. In home decor and clothing too actually, that would be with accessories.  Try adding some new bedding or sofa pillows in a pastel hue or maybe some color dipped utensils in the kitchen.  See how you like a new office chair in a light green or set of dinner plates in one of the many shades to choose, this will ease you into the trend let you try it on without total commitment.  This look can be chic, fun, flirty and totally glamorous if done right.  Men however may not be totally on the Pastel bandwagon, can you think of a way to sort of “rough”  it up?   I mean a guys pad could still be masculine maybe in black and white with some pastel gray and blue or yellow..right? maybe?? Am I reaching or does that sound like a baby boys nursery from a pottery barn kids catalog?  What do you think? Is this a trend to try or shy away from?  The pictures I found are all from  Pinterest,  Check it out for some inspiring photos…I want to redo my entire house, again!   I will warn you now though, it’s addicting, once you Pin you can’t stop!

Xo Chantel Gia


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